Home remedies for head lice – Effective natural treatment

Tiny grey or brown parasitic bugs which infest the hair are recognized as head louse. These insects feed on human blood as well as flourish on human skin. These head louse can spread conveniently via straight contact from one individual to another. There are numerous home remedies for head louse which are simple to comply with and simple to use. A few of the popular home remedies are:

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One of the easiest residence treatments for head lice is to use onion juice on the scalp as well as leave it there for three hours currently hair shampoos your hair. Vinegar is likewise one of the effective home solutions for lice. You could attempt this solution prior to going to bed. Attempt this remedy two times in a week to get better results. sponsored posts Another effective home remedy is to put olive oil, mayonnaise as well as Vaseline on your head and afterwards cover your head with shower cap. Leave it for overnight and also wash next early morning. Tea tree oil is understood as all-natural lice awesome. All you need to do is applying tea tree oil on your hair as well as allow it to remain there for overnight. Currently use this mixture of almond paste and lemon juice on your scalp as well as wait for the next one to 2 hours. Later on clean your hair with cold water. Neem leaves are extremely reliable in killing head lice. Apply this paste on your hair and wait up until it dries out. When dried, wash your hair.

Basil leaves are equally advantageous in getting rid of head louse. Just make a paste out of twenty to thirty basil leaves as well as after that apply it on your hair. Currently clean it off. A nit comb is a very effective comb which assists in eliminating head louse from the hair. In order to eliminate all the head louse from your hair, daily comb your wet hair with nit comb. Cut your hair short sufficient to make it difficult for the lice to hide. These were a few of the straightforward, economical and efficient home remedies for head lice which could be tried in your home.