China is the country was very bad in economy. It was before some years back, but the china country is developed to the best level. The china is now one of the best countries in exporting the products to the other countries. But the china has worked hard, and created many products, and started doing export business to all countries. However, theĀ south china sea news updating all the news about the china and everyone is reading and know the features about the country. Not only in the local is everyone reading the news only with the above news.


The trade became war in the china country. The reason is USA added more import tax to the china products. In return China increased the tax for the American products; this went big war against the china country. The country bothered big about theĀ trade war news and everyone is interested to know the next moment of the economic condition of the country. The country worked hard for the same and every worker honored for their service.

However, many products made by the china is prohibited in many countries. For an example the other countries suspect the food products of the china country and they stopped the orders made for the china. And the country struggled a bit but explained more about their food products and all the countries are compromised about the china country and the food products are exported again by the china country in good amount of export orders.